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Yalda or Shab e Cheleh

Shabe Yalda Emshabeh Haal Konid Bacheha Iranian Artists; Includes: Parviz Sayyad (Samad Agha), Ali George Zahedi (Ghouch Ali),Farokhalagha Hushmand (Naneh Agha) Faramarz Aslani, Faramarz Assef, Googoosh, Behrooz Vossoughi, Viguen, Dariush, Delkash, Farhad, Aghasi, Ebi, Hayedeh, Martik, Jamileh, Kourosh Yaghmai, Saeed Kangarani, Ghatebeh, Fereydoun Farrokhzad ... The Festival of "Yalda" - Winter Solstice Celebrations/Traditions in Iran The winter solstice, December 21st or 22nd, is the longest night of the year. For example, this year, on 21st December London (England) will see only seven hours and 49 minutes of daylight. Near the winter solstice, the length of the day changes very slowly, as does the Sun's height in the sky - one of the reasons why the long winter nights seem to go on forever! In Iran, the winter solstice has been celebrated for centuries and it is called Shab-e yalda, which refers to the birthday or rebirth of the sun. Yalda is a Syriac word and means birth (tavalod and meelaad are from the same origin). The ceremony is traced to the primal concept of Light and Good against Darkness and Evil in the ancient Iranian religion. This night with Evil at its zenith is considered unlucky. The last day of the Persian month of 'Azar' is the longest night of the year. From this day forward, Light triumphs as the days grow longer and give more light. This celebration comes in the Persian month of 'Day', which was also the name of the pre-Zoroastrian creator god ...

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