Video - Wooden Ship & Starship ( Yalda mix) Mash Master Remix

Videa Mazda E Wooden Ship & Starship ( Yalda mix) Mash Master Remix

Wooden Ship & Starship ( Yalda mix) Mash Master Remix

NOTE : If you find that the quality is bad - try the "POP OUT" future. Music : YALDA (Wooden Ship & Starship mix) Mash Master Remix Original Tracks : CSNY & JS , Wooden ship and Jefferson Starship , Starship Editor : Bahramerad YALDA The Eve of the Yalda has great significance in the Persian/Iranian calendar. Shab-e Yalda is a time of joy. Yalda is traced back to Syriac, meaning birth.. Mithra-worshipers used the term 'yalda' specifically with reference to the birth of Mithra. As the longest night of the year, the Eve of Yalda (Shab-e Yalda) is also a turning point, after which the days grow longer. In ancient times it symbolized the triumph of the Sun God over the powers of darkness[citation needed] . The Cult of the Mithra was first introduced to Iran thousands of years ago by migrant Aryans[citation needed] . Mithra, the Sun God remained a potent symbol of worship throughout the following centuries. Centuries later, during the Achaemenid era, Mithra became a principal deity, equal in rank to Ahura Mazda (the god of all goodness) and Anahita (goddess of water and fertility)[citation needed] . In Sasanian times, Zoroastrianism became Persia's official religion[citation needed], but Mithra's importance remained undiminished. This is evident from the bas-reliefs as Naqsh-e Rustam and Tagh-e Bustan. At Naqsh-e Rustam, Anahita bestows the royal diadem upon Nasri, the Sasanian King. At the investiture of Ardeshir I, Ahura Mazda bestows this diadem to the new King. At Tagh-e ...



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