Video - Taiwan's Concept Car "Ecooter" is Electrical Next Gen

Videa Mazda Ryuga Taiwan's Concept Car "Ecooter" is Electrical Next Gen

Taiwan's Concept Car "Ecooter" is Electrical Next Gen

Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) showed off its new concept car, the "Ecooter" this week. The vehicle seats just one and will be on display next month in Milan, Italy. Here's a sneak peak: STORY: The Ecooter's key features include a diamond-shaped four-wheel chassis system. Now this allows Ecooter to make a 360-degree turn with a radius of only 1.2 meters. The Ecooter also features an auto-tilting system that keeps it from rolling over in sharp turns. This makes it very nimble in confined areas and cities. James Wang is the Director of ITRI's Intelligent Mobility Technology Division. [James Wang, IRTI]: "IRTI wants to develop this vehicle to have clean energy in order to solve problems such as pollution, traffic congestion and energy consumption that we face today in urban societies. We hope that, this small electrical vehicle and the public transportation system together can provide a convenient, energy-efficient and traffic free transportation tool." Wang also said the electric-powered Ecooter consumes roughly one-third of the energy of traditional vehicles. ITRI plans to debut the Ecooter next month at the International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, Italy.

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