Video - Suzuka 2 Hours Endurance full race cockpit movie

Videa Mazda MX Suzuka 2 Hours Endurance full race cockpit movie

Suzuka 2 Hours Endurance full race cockpit movie

**Click "Show more" for check my device specs etc.** This is me on racing 2 hours at Suzuka. This video does not includes any music or any pc screen captures but this video build up with my camera recording and my text commentary for whole of 2 hours racing. There are a lot of nice battles till getting checkered flag and very nice race. Have fun! I drove Mazda MX-5 Roadster and start from 2nd grid. Pole sitter is fellow fast driver who fought close together the IntelGP Asia final in 2010 and I expect this will be tough race! cockpit rigs: I use red Logitech MOMO Force steering rim just screwed on Logitech G25 unit(they has same PCD) because G25 rim is too thin and not comfort for me. I use G25 stock shifter with TCR knob. For Mazda MX-5 Roadster, that car is right hand drive car but my cockpit has no option for left side shifter ( is too much of bother :p) so I locate G25 shifter on the right side, and I use H pattern shifting with or without clutch pedal. I use GiddyUp FP1 racing formula style 3-pedal system instead of G25 pedals. Unfortunately we could not buy FP1 anymore but it is high stiffness, smooth, solid and stiff brake pedal with hydraulic pressure brake caliper. The LCD on the wheel body is a product from Z1SimWheel dot com. My cockpit is build up with 30mm x 30mm aluminum frames and cheap seat. editing rigs: I use Sony HDR-180CX for camera recording and I use Bandicam for sound recording of sim and mic(I used FRAPS previously). It is very nice ...



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