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SUBARU G4e Concept - Tokyo Motor Show 2007 : DigInfo

DigInfo - Subaru (Fuji Heavy Industries) exhibited two "G4E Concept" electric vehicles (EV) with zero emissions at the Tokyo Motor Show. The G4e is a further evolved model based on the R1e electric vehicle that is being jointly developed by Subaru and Tokyo Electric Power. While the G4E Concept is designed to fit within the Japanese compact segment, it maintains the largest wheelbase (2650mm) in its class and provides flat, spacious leg room because all the batteries are stored underneath the floor. The G4e is a 5-passenger vehicle. The source of power for the G4e Concept is a next-generation lithium-ion battery developed exclusively by Subaru that uses an exclusive high-capacity vanadium material that can store two to three times more lithium ions than conventional materials on the positive electrode side. With technology that can efficiently load lithium ions on the electrode, the energy density is approximately double that of manganese based lithium-ion batteries of the same weight. In addition, the adoption of a more lightweight vehicle body and technology to improve electrical efficiency has enabled a cruising distance of about 200km on one charge, which is over double the 80km cruising distance per charge of the R1e. The newly developed battery pack is also maintenance free, so it is easy to use.

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