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Videa Mazda B

SR-71 Pulse Jet Engine started easy on 2 psi propane gas and throttles up to 9 psi static thrust. Fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber exactly like the Germans did the V1 engine. The engine produces 5 lbs of thrust at 100% throttle, 4 lbs of thrust at 80% throttle, 3 lbs thrust at 60% throttle, 2 lbs thrust at 40% throttle. The engine design protects the reed valves from heat there is not noticable heat getting to the reed valves after a 5 minute static test run at 80% throttle. The engine starts very easy at 30% or 40% throttle. This air intake allows the engine to produce 7 lbs of thrust running at 140% throttle in a static test run with 150 mph air from a leaf blower. This engine uses a Dyna Jet Reed Valve made of .010" blue spring steel. I make my own reed valve by hand by cutting them out by hand with tin snips. The engine has no spark plug I started this engine using a propane torch at the exhaust pipe the propane psi was set to start at 40% throttle. You can not hear me throttle the engine up to 80% thrust in the video but you can see the engine moving forward in the test stand as the thrust gets stronger it stretches the spring more. I have another test stand with a steel cable that lifts a container of water. I can weigh the water to get a very accurate thrust measurement. Notice the front 2" of the engine does not get RED HOT the new engine design produces more kenetic energy that sucks the combustion chamber flame away from the reed valves ...

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