Video - Single Turbo Supra VS. T88 RX7

Videa Mazda RX Single Turbo Supra VS. T88 RX7

Single Turbo Supra VS. T88 RX7

Boost Logic built Supra single turbo vs. white car doing a 3 honk at 55 mph Freeway Roll in 85 deg. high humidity weather. Running: 13B-REW race ported block with S4 lightened/scalloped rotors, Greddy T88 Turbo, 4" exhaust,9 gph of 0 deg. windshield washer fluid, 10,9 AFR's (2 new fuel filters resulted in 10.5 AFR's under load, I did a quick tune which was on the safe side considering the weather), boost peaks at 24psi then fails to 21 within 500 rpm's, 8250 red line, kaaz diff, spinning tires off the hit, car was also heat soaked.



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