Video - Shift 2 Unleashed - Mazda RX-8 @ Laguna Seca (PC)

Videa Mazda RX Shift 2 Unleashed - Mazda RX-8 @ Laguna Seca (PC)

Shift 2 Unleashed - Mazda RX-8 @ Laguna Seca (PC)

This is a time attack race on Laguna Seca with a Mazda RX-8 upgraded to class C. The point of the video is that you can get good handling cars with the right setup and careful driving. No driving aids were used. I used elite handling, but it could just as well have been novice with no driving aids - the handling is the same for all modes, just the avaliable assists are different. I used the Driving Force GT wheel. Lap 1 is clean driving from the various 1st person camera angles. Lap 2 is clean driving from the chase camera view. This was done to show that the car doesn't float unaturally when cornering. Lap 3 is intentionally bad driving with the default replay camera cycle. This was done to show how the car acts when pushed too hard. I didn't try to counter steer any of the slides. It was just to show that you can spin out with this car setup if you are too hard on the throttle too early. I also did some excessive braking, just so you could see lock-ups, and to show that no driving aids where used. The following settings were used: Driving Force GT wheel settings: Degrees of rotation: 540 Force feedback: 100% (on all) Center spring: unchecked Allow game to adjust settings: unchecked Shift 2 unleashed settings: FFB strength: 100 Steering deadzone: 0 Steering sensitivity: 75 Throttle deadzone: 0 Throttle sensitivity: 15 Braking deadzone: 0 Braking sensitivity: 10 Clutch deadzone: n/a Clutch sensitivity: n/a Speed sensitivity: 0% Steering lock: 540 Car tuning: Basically a ...

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