Video - Queen Mary VS Scion XB (SHIP HORNS!!!) RELOADED

Videa Mazda Ibuki Queen Mary VS Scion XB (SHIP HORNS!!!) RELOADED


(Note: this is a reloaded video on youtube. my first post of this video was removed for an unknown reason. I've had many request to repost this video. So here you go. enjoy) These are 2 of the rarest Ship horns in existence. The Queen Mary's Kockums Tyfon 575 on the right of the ships forward funnel is still the original horn/whistle of the QM, The original horn/whistle on the left of the funnel now resides on the Queen Mary 2. My circa 1940's Doran-Cunningham 6-B That was made for the WWII US Navy destroyer "DD416" is also very rare. A little history on the USS Walke DD416. The USS Walke DD416, at the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, on November 15, 1942, was sunk by Japanese "Long Lance" torpedoes taking 75 souls with her. The horns on the Queen Marry may be louder than the 6-B, but I personally prefer the sound of the Doran-Cunningham 6-B...

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