Video - NFS World-Mazda RX-8 VS Audi Quattro (B-class)

Videa Mazda RX NFS World-Mazda RX-8 VS Audi Quattro (B-class)

NFS World-Mazda RX-8 VS Audi Quattro (B-class)

Requested by Niko Rodríguez Race 1 Petersburg Dam: RX-8 had clear advantage with better performance and I was able to utilize its handling better with high speeds. Due to server lag shield and NOS were late with RX-8 but that doesn't matter. Race 2 Main Street: Same thing, few little mistakes with both cars but RX-8 is clearly better. Performance tests: RX-8 has perhaps best acceleration of all B-class cars (I'm not sure about Raptor) while Quattro is average with goo handling. But because RX-8's performance is so much better I was able gather more speed before corners and utilize its handling better. As you can see on handling test, if cars would have same speed before corner there wouldn't be much difference after either.



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