Video - NFS World-Audi TT (497=C) Lions Challenge in 2:13.02

Videa Mazda MX NFS World-Audi TT (497=C) Lions Challenge in 2:13.02

NFS World-Audi TT (497=C) Lions Challenge in 2:13.02

(Currently retired) If I remember right somebody asked for Audi TT. Well since I had some extra cash and TT didn't need too much parts here is the time. Its another prove that good performance and cosmic NOS aren't enough even on highway track like LC. TT is handling wise the worst car I've tested so far, so taking it to track with even more corners is suicidal. BTW TT might be the best drag car in C-class: Cosmic NOS and high top speed compared to MR2s and Solstices makes this thing suprisingly good. Here are performance test results with same parts. Top speed: 287 Acceleration: 201 HSA: 24 Handling: 185 If you are not fimiliar with performance tests, follow this link for more details This video is part of my project to find out best IGC cars in classes C, B and A by doing clean laps on Lions Challenge. My original plan to include 2nd track for more balanced profile didn't work as traffic and AIs tend to block every try on other tracks I tried and so I'll stick with this one. I know its not ideal with long highway section giving advantage to high performance cars but still its 50/50 corners and highway. Leaderboard Porsche GT2 (997) (736) 1:50.89 Requested Pagani Zonda Cinque (810) 1:51.39 Requested Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster (737) 1:54.99 Ford Mustang Boss 302 '12 (765) 1:55.37 Lexus LFA (810) 1:55.93 Lamborghini Murcielago (727) 1:56.94 Lotus Evora (732) 1:57.17 Chervolet ZR1 (726) 1:57.37 Aston Martin DBS (716) 1:57.66 Lamborghini Miura (724) 1 ...



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