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Videa Mazda 2 NFS Underground 2 - Intro Stage - HARD

NFS Underground 2 - Intro Stage - HARD

After the accident 6 months ago Samantha told you to move to Bayview. Her friend Rachel will help you out to get back on the street-racing scene. She will lend you her Nissan 350z to do a few races and then bring it back to her. There are 3 outrun-, 2 circuit- and 1 sprint-races. One circuit-race is not shown on the minimap. On all those hidden races bring you 2-3x more money. Most of them are also short races. Total money in stage 1: $1875 - 3 outruns ($300) - 3 races ($800) - Info- and moneymarks ($775) to Stage 1: to Stage 2: to Stage 3: to Stage 4: to Stage 5 (Final Stage): Tip: Don't do all 3 standard-races BEFORE the outruns. After winning the 3rd race, Rachel gives you a p-call, that nobody will race you until you bring her car to the garage, which means, the remaining roll-up racers won't race you anymore!



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