Video - new subs ,square Maxxsonics subs ! walled mazda 323 !

Videa Mazda 323 new subs ,square Maxxsonics subs ! walled mazda 323 !

new subs ,square Maxxsonics subs ! walled mazda 323 ! BRUTUS subwoofers,the car is a 92 mazda 323 hatchback with the 1.6L and a 5 spd .both subs are basically the same thing just different cosmetics ! running 450 rms each off a profile ap2000 wired 2 ohm stereo,panasonic mxe cd player, they have about 15 hours of break-in ! they are slammin pretty hard ! hifonics brutus and autotek mean machine 12's 600 rms each 1200 peak , each in 1.94 cu ft ported wall system. mazda 323 1992 , 1.6 L , 5 spd , playing, I put on (ft. kanye west ). by young jeezy, off thug motivation 101 cd , pioneer premier 6x9 speakers and 6 1/2 '' panasonics in the front ! i did just have pioneer premier 3000 watt spl 12's in this wall , i would say these hit just as hard . i would say these are between the kicker solo L5's and the kicker L7 , 12's. these dont fold on the corners like the mtx squares do. my friend has the mtx's and the corner surround folds on them hardcore. i like how Maxxsonics did these surrounds. the support ribbing is on the inside unlike the Kicker solo's and in my opinion makes the maxxsonics look much cleaner.

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