Video - My RX7 FD3S Tribute Photoshoots

Videa Mazda Tribute My RX7 FD3S Tribute Photoshoots

My RX7 FD3S Tribute Photoshoots

A tribute to my Chaste White Mazda RX7 FD3S Twin Turbo. UK locations include Miss Banzai London tunnel run (Strand), Goodwood, Goodwood Motor Circuit, Hampshire Jap Club (HJC), Chichester multi-storey car park, West Wittering beach, Drift Road in Selsey, the A27, Tangmere industrial park, Super 7 Autos in Henfield, Chichester district council, Shell garage petrol station (Pease Pottage?). Please subscribe for more videos like this: TechTuners Facebook page: Dubstep music track by StevenSeagal - America1200hpJetFuelTripleHotdog (Soundcloud)

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