Video - My New Baby! (Part 2)

Videa Mazda MX My New Baby! (Part 2)

My New Baby! (Part 2)

I thought I'd upload a better vid of my baby, now that I've made the few mods I wanted. I just got slightly bigger wheels and tyres, a front lip spoiler, and replaced the bent exhaust. Might do the air filter next, or upgrade the back tyres to match the front. She really needs lowered a bit too, but its just not practical on Auckland driveways, I already scrape both ends frequently... This best-selling sports car is also known as the Mazda Miata or MX-5, depending on where it's sold. My Roadster is a Japan-spec example later imported here to NZ and hardly driven since, looking at the low mileage and remarkable lack of wear and tear...

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