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My modified RX-8 walk around

This is my Mazda RX-8 with orig. paint (it was never been polished yet, i wash the car myself and always by hand). I bought this car as new in oct. 2006. (Car was built in April 2005) Car is in everyday use (winter/summer) and has got 54.000 km (33.700 miles) on the tacho. - Engine: stock 231 hp (1308 ccm / 2 rotors) Acceleration: Engine bay: - Transmission: stock manual 6 speed, RWD - Body kit: Pakfeifer SPEC1 (bumpers, sides, wing, eyelids) - Mirror: Autobahn replica - Suspension: Bilstein B6 shocks and H&R springs (45mm/35mm) - Brakes: EBC slotted rotors (front 323mm/rear 302mm) with EBC Yellowstuff ceramic brakepads - Wheels: Summer: 9x20 ET35 MB Italia 013 (16,5 kg/pcs) with 235/35 ZR20 Nankang NS2 Ultra Sport Winter: Original 8x18 ET50 with 225/45 R18 Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme (Giugiaro design) NEW RIMS: (Lenso LS37 8,5x20 ET35 (12,1 kg/pcs)) - Exhaust: JapSpeed catback (with factory cat and factory downpipe). 140x100 mm exhausttips Soundfile: (136,8 dB) - Intake: stock - Ignition: BHR ignition kit (Yukon LS2 coils, 8,5mm MSD wires), NGK sparkplugs (2x RE7C-L and 2x RE9B-T). (upgraded N3Z1 starter, Exide premium 64 Ah Battery) - Lights: New custom LED taillights: LED parking lights - Interior: STRi X-Line gauges (oiltemp, oilpress, wartertemp), Factory dash with 7" LCD monitor, rear view cam, mini cam for the gauges - Stock oil injektion is deactivated, Richard Sohn ...

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