Video - My Mazda 323 update :(

Videa Mazda 323 My Mazda 323 update :(

My Mazda 323 update :(

My Mazda 323 update :( so i went to start my car the other night to move it and it ran for about 3-5 secs and died .... i knew it was something bad right away . so the next day i took it apart and this is what i found ... broken timing belt . if your car has a timing belt make sure to get it changed before it breaks cuz if it breaks its likely to cause engine damage , i got LUCKY ... The Mazda B-series is a "non-interference" design, meaning that breakage of its timing belt does not result in damage to valves or pistons, because the opening of the valves, the depth of the combustion chamber and (in some variants) the shaping of the piston crown allow sufficient clearance for the open valves in any possible piston position

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