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My 2007 Mazda 3

Exterior Modifications: - Evo Carbon Fiber Hood - Open Mouth Grill - CF Eyelids - Apexcone HIDs 8000k 55w - LED Reverse lights/License Light - Tinted Widows - 1.75" Road Magnet Springs - Blacked-out Reflector Overlays - Custom Pink Lips/Emblems =) - Pink Powder Coated Calipers/Lug Nuts - Drilled/Slotted Rotors - Rally Armor Mudflaps - blacked out heads and tails/side markers - Pink HID fog lights with pink overlay - JDM window visors on the way for exterior... ** I have my front lip, need to get side skirts and a rear bumper, looking forward to an awesome paint job. Black - Pink Pearl. Sounds funny but its GORGEOUS. looks black almost all the time until your up close and the sun shines a pink pearl through the black paint - VOLK RAYS TE37s. have em, just need to be powder coated. flat black with pink link. and pink stickers =) Interior Modifications: - Blue LED dome/map lights (changing out to white) - 6.5" Pioneer AVIC D3 Indash - Black Seat Covers =) pink stitching - Pink Door Panels - Black interior conversion (from beige) ....on the way for the interior.... - Pink LED Gauge Cluster Lights - Black interior conversion - in process! Performance: - HKS Short Ram Intake... THATS ALL!! slooowwww =) ** wants to get HKS Hi Power Exhaust, Injen CAI, maybe headers

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