Video - MX-5 Suspension upgrade

Videa Mazda MX MX-5 Suspension upgrade

MX-5 Suspension upgrade

Follow us on Facebook - Big thanks to Pedders for supporting (no pun intended) our MX5 which we're again campaigning in the ADVAN Neova Cup. The car originally ran a 1:16 at Wakefield with the ratty suspension that was in it and a set of AD08 Neovas, but now we're hoping to shave that down a little with the help of the new suspension fitted by Pedders. Thanks also to the mechanics for Pedders Bankstown, Allan and Dimitri. If you're keen on the eXtreme Coil-Overs for your car, then head to the Pedders website which is or if you're in the US to check out how many cars they're available for!



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