Video - @Motor Expo 2009: Mazda

Videa Mazda Sassou @Motor Expo 2009: Mazda

@Motor Expo 2009: Mazda

58 years of Mazda in Thailand and through this year is still not bad at all. Here in the expo, Mazda deciphered the mysteries from Sassou concept in 30THBiMS by introduce the Demio in last quarter. This Demio is third generation and as the winner of World Car of the Year 2008 with over other 50 awards from around the globe. Not just subcompact but it's such an absolute subcompact because it won that prize which seriously hard to achieve. So Demio suddenly become another choice of subcompact in Thailand by Mazda. After displayed CX-9 first time in 29THBiMS, now it's finally ready to sale. Imported from Philippines as the luxury 7-seater AWD vehicle with exhiliaration as Mazda's sporting paradigm. As for newer year, Mazda will expand more showrooms on Thailand. These act assured for Mazda's stand for here which stronger than ever. Who say Sustainable Zoom-Zoom meant nothing.

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