Video - More Zoom: Mazda 3 5-Door @ 2009 NAIAS

Videa Mazda 5 More Zoom: Mazda 3 5-Door @ 2009 NAIAS

More Zoom: Mazda 3 5-Door @ 2009 NAIAS

MORE DETROIT AUTO SHOW ARTICLES: The saccharin-infused happiness on the 2010 Mazda 3's face makes us uncomfortable. Yet, when the car, in this case the 2010 Mazda 3 five-door hatchback, is parked next to an RX-8, it almost looks fine. Apparently, all Mazdas are super-smiley and we hadn't realized. Of course, the Mazda 3 hatch looks even better from other angles. We're not sure we like the rising beltline that resembles the subcompact Mazda 2's, but the detailing on the tail looks great. So the 3 hatchback still looks better than the sedan. And as in the past, the hatchback comes standard with the larger of the US-spec 3's two four-cylinder engines -- this time a 2.5-liter good for 167 hp. Nothing's changed really.

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