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Videa Mazda E Mazdaspeed 3 vs. Eclipse GT

Mazdaspeed 3 vs. Eclipse GT

2007 Mazdaspeed 3 (245 whp): CP-E Catback, TurboXS RFL BOV, gold Konig Feathers with Eagle GTs. 2008 Eclipse GT 4th gen (270 whp): Ripp Headers, Magnaflow Catback, Outlaw Intake Spacer, K&N Typhoon Intake, Eibach Sportline and BFG KDWs. Songs: Adrenaline - Crooked X Collapsing - Demon Hunter UPDATE: Mazdaspeed 3 now has Corksport SRI / TIP, Hypertech Tuning, SURE RMM, Denso ITV22 Spark Plugs. Soon to have CP-E Downpipe. Should be making close to 300 whp - no idea though. Need to do some runs with this Eclipse again to see the difference.

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