Video - Mazda2 at Jim Ellis Mazda in Atlanta, GA

Videa Mazda 2 Mazda2 at Jim Ellis Mazda in Atlanta, GA

Mazda2 at Jim Ellis Mazda in Atlanta, GA - An deeper look at the Mazda2 on the inside, outside and under the hood. Maximum Performance for Minimalists. With razor-sharp handling and a rocking power-to-weight ratio, Mazda2 is the one subcompact car that feels more like a full-on sports car. Add up the standard features such as ABS brakes and remote keyless entry and you'll see This is a Mazda through and through. Jim Ellis Mazda in Atlanta, GA, is part of the Jim Ellis Family of Car Dealerships proudly serving Georgia for 40 years! Jim Ellis Mazda is an easily accessible Atlanta Mazda dealership located just inside the perimeter on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard. Visit Jim Ellis Mazda to test drive this incredible ride!

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