Video - Mazda @ The 25 Hours of Thunderhill, 2011

Videa Mazda Mazda @ The 25 Hours of Thunderhill, 2011

Mazda @ The 25 Hours of Thunderhill, 2011

During a cold two days this past December, Mazda execs and dealers—as well as more privateer racers behind the wheel of Mazdas than any other brand—"survived the 25". The longest endurance race in the country, NASA's 25 Hours of Thunderhill (this year, presented by the USAF) took its toll on our cars and drivers alike, yet all made it out alive. One of our own Mazda/Team RDR RX-8s even finished 2nd in class (10th overall, out of a field of 83), and our #05 MX-5 clinched 4th in class with Mazda dealers from Autobarn, Dublin Mazda, and Carousel Motors behind the wheel. See the action and hear them in their own words, then be sure to visit for the photo gallery.

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