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Videa Mazda RX Mazda suggests a new RX-7 is in the pipeline - Autoweek TV

Mazda suggests a new RX-7 is in the pipeline - Autoweek TV

Also in this episode: Honda predicts a surge in demand for the Fit, and Superstorm Sandy costs Fisker a shipment of Karmas. -- The Mazda RX-7 may return to production. -- The head of Honda predicts big things for the Fit. -- And more bad news for Fisker. I'm Rory, it's Wednesday, let's do the most important news broadcast you'll see today. Mazda is keeping the rotary power scene alive. At least that's what we hear from The Motor Report. They're reporting that Mazda's program manager for the MX-5 has confirmed that a new, rotary-powered RX-7 is slated for 2017. Emissions and fuel economy haven't exactly been areas of strength for past rotary power plants, but absolutely no one with a soul has ever cared. The president of Honda Motor Company, Takanobu Ito is predicting that the Honda Fit will see a huge spike in popularity over the next four years. The Japanese automaker sold 64177 Fits in 2011, but Ito is expecting that number to grow to more than 200000. A redesigned Fit is due next year, and production is set to begin in Mexico a year after that. Ito says a lower price and the addition of new Fit-ter body styles should be more than enough to make consumers happier and allow dealers to be a bit more productive. My brother is going to be geeked out of his mind. And finally, to paraphrase Yeezy, Chris Christie doesn't care about Fisker Karmas. Actually, he might care... I suppose there's really no way to know that. Anyway, it seems that something like 300 of the electric ...



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