Video - Mazda Shinari Concept 2010 ('KODO - Soul of Motion' design theme) *

Videa Mazda Shinari Mazda Shinari Concept 2010 ('KODO - Soul of Motion' design theme) *

Mazda Shinari Concept 2010 ('KODO - Soul of Motion' design theme) *

The Mazda Shinari is a pure design concept model of a four-door, four-seater sports coupe which perfectly expresses the 'KODO - Soul of Motion' design theme in a graceful and carefree form. The Japanese word Shinari describes the powerful yet supple appearance of great resilient force when objects of high tensile strength, such as steel or bamboo, are twisted or bent. It also refers to the appearance of a person or animal as it flexibly transforms its body to generate a fast movement. Within this movement, Mazda designers discovered the potential to realize 'KODO - Soul of Motion'. One glance at Mazda Shinari Concept stirs the emotions. Its form expresses the powerful movement of a lean body with highly developed muscles, supple but at the same time filled with tension. Mazda's desire is to reach car lovers' hearts and go beyond the notion of rational logic. This form purely embodies that desire. Designer's challenge Yasushi Nakamuta, the chief designer who led the design of the third generation Mazda MX-5, was the first to begin the ideation of the Mazda Shinari Concept: "The challenge for us was to create an innovative new expression for energetic and powerful movement; something that we had never attempted before. We began by developing the design around the image of a predator, as it strikes at its prey, or the stabbing movement in kendo, Japanese fencing, to express the instant where accumulated force is released. Translating this initial moment of 'instantaneous ...




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