Video - Mazda Rx7 Fc Short Shifter installation FAIL! eBay

Videa Mazda E Mazda Rx7 Fc Short Shifter installation FAIL! eBay

Mazda Rx7 Fc Short Shifter installation FAIL! eBay

so my cousin recently bought a short shifter on eBay for basically 45$ i believe.. got it in the mail yesterday tried to install it today... unfortunately it didn't workout and the fitment was off..(Damn you eBay!) i know i shouldn't post a video installing nothing other than the OEM piece back in place, but i figured that someone would want to reference from this video to have an idea what to deal with when installing a short shifter on an RX7 Fc. you would see in the video that we cut corners. we didn't want to take out the center console and we didn't want to unbolt the boot housing (since we would have to take out center console). lucky the boot was so torn apart we didn't have to. we just slipped the OEM shifter through the torn boot. you would also see the comparison of the eBay short shifter and OEM shifter. (note the difference and learn from our mistake) and i would also like to say sorry for the profound language you may hear throughout the video and obscene gestures towards the human anatomy...... what else to say?.... um thanks for your time thank you for watching... PLEASE SUBSCRIBE feel free to comment good or bad......

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