Video - Mazda RX-8 at Jim Ellis Mazda in Marietta, GA

Videa Mazda RX Mazda RX-8 at Jim Ellis Mazda in Marietta, GA

Mazda RX-8 at Jim Ellis Mazda in Marietta, GA - An deeper look at the Mazda RX8 on the inside, outside and under the hood. Every Mazda is designed with the driver in mind. The perfect harmony of man and machine. Throw in an intimate feel of the road, and you have a sports car like no other—the Mazda RX-8. With its blistering 232-hp RENESIS rotary engine and advanced racing suspension, you're basically dealing with a race car with room for three friends. Jim Ellis Mazda in Marietta, GA, is part of the Jim Ellis Family of Car Dealerships proudly serving Georgia for 40 years! Jim Ellis Mazda is an easily accessible greater Atlanta Mazda dealership located next to Dobbin's Air Force Base in Marietta, GA. Visit Jim Ellis Mazda to test drive this incredible ride!

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