Video - Mazda Millenia Xedos 9 Cabin Air Filter change

Videa Mazda Xedos Mazda Millenia Xedos 9 Cabin Air Filter change

Mazda Millenia Xedos 9 Cabin Air Filter change

"How to" video for those who want to change cabin air filter in Mazda Xedos (Millenia) 9. Steps: 1. Move back the passanger seat so you have some additional room for the job; 2. Below the glove box there is a large plastic cover which is directly above passanger toes if one would be sitting there. The cover has four plastic hooks holding it in place. You can remove the plastic cover by using firm grip and pulling the cover downwards. 3. In case your filter has not been change for a while, do not remove rubber rug from the floor. Your air filter compartment will probably have some debris in it. Otherwise, removing the rug will make the work more pleasant for you. 4. In the middle of the front side of the area there is a metal plate which looks somewhat like really rectangular Y. |____| | It either has ordinary nut or wing nut holding it in place. Remove the nut and pull the side of the metal plate that was hel by the nut first downwards and then forward. 5. You should see one side of first air filter in the space that was covered by the metal plate. Front side of the air filter corner should have rectangular clip. Get a hold of it either with fingers or nippers and pull it downwards. There is also second air filter situated behind the front one. It has rectangular pulling clip as well. Get a hold of it, use it to pull the whole air filter unit forward and then downward. 6. In case the filter compartment is dirty, you can use vacuum cleaner or small brush, water and paper ...

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