Video - Mazda Furai Concept Hits the Track

Videa Mazda Furai Mazda Furai Concept Hits the Track

Mazda Furai Concept Hits the Track

Not only is the Mazda Furai concept visually stunning, but the sound of its 450-horsepower RENESIS-based R20B triple rotary engine is ferocious enough to make the most seasoned professional GT driver weak in the knees. After a recent leisurely stroll up and down the Goodwood hill, the Furai carried out full blown aggression therapy at Kemble Airfield in the UK. Despite a blown clutch over the weekend, the Furai was back in the saddle on Tuesday and got it on video. First unveiled in Detroit earlier this year, the ethanol powered race car adapted from the soul of the Courage C65 LMP-2 chassis in the American Le Mans Series (ALMS), sets out to bridge the gap between the single-purpose racecars and street-legal performance models(supercars).

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