Video - Mazda Demio Sports & Elegance "I'm Watching You"

Videa Mazda Demio Mazda Demio Sports & Elegance "I'm Watching You"

Mazda Demio Sports & Elegance "I'm Watching You"

In this third week in August of this Rabbit year, there's a little bit war of B-Segment vehicle from 2 brands. That is Toyota and Mazda. But why I just chosen at Mazda side, because Toyota just only introduce the third new product ambassador as female to present its Vios without make any minorchange. And yes, I just can feel "Fresh" with this. Mazda's turn for the Demio models has some fascinating stuffs, even though Vios is still the bestseller of the segment. In the other words: it's time for Demio models in Thailand to take minorchange. It begins as sedan model recieves newer look (to be just like the 5 door model). And beared the "Elegance" sub name to all 4 models (Groove MT, Groove AT, Spirit, Maxx). While 5 door wouldn't change much but just newer front end, new exterior color and some new features. From now on, the 5 door models beared "Sports" sub name. And that automatically meant newer, clearer and clever way of marketing. Every Demio models of today comes with electronic adjust side mirrors, ABS and dual airbags. As well as smart remote key. And still only come with MZR S-VT 1.5 engine. Now see the difference side. Groove models come with 15" wheels, Spirit and Maxx models come with dynamic lower spoilers all around and 16" wheels. Retooled suspension for Groove and Spirit. For Maxx models, you can expect for 7" screen with DVD/CD/MP3/USB/SD Card & Bluetooth, in a price that's still under 700000THB. (I'm afraid if that's without navigation system, Mazda was ...

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