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Actually you don't have to wait for the very first day that 31STBiMS opens its doors. You can expect to see the sedan version of Demio/2 in Mazda showrooms and take a test drive. As promised that Mazda will sell the Demio in 2 bodystyles. Many said sedan version from hatchback cars may have problems in shape (as rear trunk boot replaced rear hatch) even built completed. But with Mazda's Nagare theory for exterior design, the problem just solved--the Mazda way. And about the vehicle, it's a sedan with many things different but no difference in sporting DNA & Spirit in Mazda's Sustainable Zoom-Zoom way. The sedan version of Demio actually debuted in China as we all know. But what we have here today is updated unlike that. And now this version will also invade more countries, such as Australia and NZ. But as it is a small sedan which positioned in lower segment (than the Axela), you should imagine that the interior's spacious maybe equal with Mazda's previously built 323's. Especially the 323 sedan of the year 1991/2534 which sold alongside Mazda Astina. 4 model grades but top model (Maxx) still cheaper than 5-door. You will have to find the answer yourself for why. While I'm still wondered why that advertised in a dark exterior color... Let me tell you one thing, USA will get only just 5-door (MY2011).

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