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I'm among five persons that won Blackberry Curve 8900 from 10-week competition by Zigma Research Institute (Mazda's fictional institute for market strategy); so I decided to upload this ad whether what it will bring. The new Mazda Demio or called 2 outside Japan. Whatever we call it, it's "World Car of the Year 2008" anyway. So it's such a small Japanese innovation with great "globe class" laurel to proud. Actually it's the answer from Mazda Sassou which exhibited in 30thBiMS. Mazda just decided to return to B-Segment (subcompact) passenger vehicle market after the 121 from CBU-renaissance era in 90's. All assembled from new factory plant by Auto Alliance Thailand that will response about Demio production (as well as Ford Fiesta). For compensate about late launch in Thailand, so the look of Demio becomes newer (minor-changed). However we can say it's still new inside and out for Thai people. Exterior derived the "Nagare" flow theory that lied on Sassou. Combined just beauty lines and shapes from nature to make the car to be dynamic and sport in Mazda way. So the Demio looks to be like it's alive whether move or stay still (from Sassou's "Mazda Alive" theory too). While interior is compact and sporty in a design like never before, without sacrifice the comfort and versatility. Engine is the MZR 1.5 4cyl 16V 103PS, with Sequential Valve Timing and Tumble Swirl Control Value. Acceptable O91/O95/E10/E20. 4AT for 3 models and 5MT for 1. Steering is EPAS, minimum turning radius ...

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