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Mazda Demio 2007 Launch

DigInfo: - Mazda announced the Japanese launch of the third generation Mazda Demio, known overseas as the Mazda 2, on July 5. Since the first generation Demio was released in August 2006, the Demio has had a total production volume of over 1000000 units, making it Mazda's biggest selling model in the Japanese market. The latest generation Demio places the emphasis on safety, the environment and design. It features a four-wheel antilock braking system (4W-ABS) and electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) with brake assist, Mazda's Advanced Impact Distribution and Absorption System for higher collision safety, and SRS airbags come standard on all models. Using Mazda's MZR 1.3 Liter Miller-cycle engine with continuously variable transmission (CVT), the Demio 13C-V has a fuel economy of 23 km with exhaust emissions at least 75% lower than Japan's 2005 standard. The body and chassis of the car has been fully redesigned, with a 100kg weight reduction and a more compact body, a turning circle of only 4.7 meters, 250 liters of cargo space, and lowered shoulder lines for greater visibility. Available in 11 colors, the Demio 13C-V retails for 1310000 yen or approximately US$10600.

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