Video - Mazda Debuts Kazamai - KBB Moscow Auto Show Coverage

Videa Mazda Kazamai Mazda Debuts Kazamai - KBB Moscow Auto Show Coverage

Mazda Debuts Kazamai - KBB Moscow Auto Show Coverage

FOR MORE CAR VIDEOS & REVIEWS VISIT: Mazda Kazamai. Designed "to appeal to young, upwardly-mobile Russians," (no, we're not making this up), the Mazda Kazamai concept vehicle introduced at the Moscow Automobile Salon gives us a good idea of how Mazda's "Nagare" styling motif translates to a production-intended small crossover SUV. Kazamai means "swirling crosswinds" in Japanese, and that not only expresses the curvaceous design but also the surging Russian market that is said to have inspired it. Just slightly larger than the current Mazda3, the concept has the "two-box" profile of a crossover, but its dramatic low roofline, short overhangs and huge 22-inch wheels give it a coupe-like presence. Kazamai was not designed for hauling furniture -- you can bet on that. While expressive styling was certainly tops on the list, the concept vehicle also represents Mazda's new corporate stance of "sustainable zoom-zoom," since it is said to achieve 30 percent better fuel economy than the company's current small SUV. For more new car reviews, interviews and automotive news visit today.

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