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DigInfo: Related Links: The newly developed Mazda CX-7 is a brand new model designed with focus on on-road performance. The CX-7 features a next-generation, direct-injection, 2.3L MZD DISI turbocharged inline 4-cylinder engine that produces flat, powerful torque from the low speed range of 2000rpm up to engine speeds of 4500rpm. The characteristic trait of this engine is that it can achieve superior cooling of the combustion chamber by spraying high pressure fuel directly into the combustion chamber, and while the compression ratio of 9.5 is high for a turbocharged engine, the engine also significantly improves knocking performance in the low speed range. As a result, ample low and medium speed torque, excellent engine response, and good fuel efficiency are achieved. In addition, the adoption of a direct injection engine enables stable fuel efficiency performance, and the engine can be controlled to produce cleaner exhaust gas. The CX-7 is also a hot topic for obtaining U-LEV certification.




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