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Mazda BT-50 PRO - Hero

Now at last, arrived the day that Mazda Thailand launches the all-new 2nd-gen BT-50 to Thai pickup market. And the nickname "Pro" has been added for this. A largest Mazda pickup truck yet, meanwhile also a larger step of pickup truck revolution. And with this "1 min 30 sec" ad presenting that how a man would be called Hero. Not only owning this new BT-50, but also must do all of what HERO should do. And as a father, with duty of both "Work & Life" sides to respond. And for this act in this ad is: Make one dream from his son to come true (for his birthday). That's one hero act, isn't it? Colonel Wanchana "Bird" Sawasdee from King Naresuan movies and Toyota Hilux Vigo PreRunner ad, has been selected once again to become Product Ambassador for this pickup. Only in different brand. And model shown in this ad is Double Cab 3.2 4x4 R in white. Fuller features such as: leather upholstery in black, ABS + DSC, Cruise Control, new "Short Shifter" 6AT, and metallic paintjob. Meanwhile, that's first 5-cyl Common-Rail Diesel engine in Thai market. With advantages like never before in this era after the demise of Steve Jobs. But unlike its counterpart (Ford Ranger), 2.5 petrol engine will not available for Mazda. Everything now just designed to make gap between passenger cars and pickups narrower like never before. Even still maintained all of those functions of genuine one tonner pickup. 7 choices of Double Cab and 6 choices of Freestyle Cab. (Seems like) Single Cab maybe dropped ...

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