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Videa Mazda BT Mazda BT-50 PRO Freestyle Cab - M

Mazda BT-50 PRO Freestyle Cab - M

Just one week later, Mazda immediately releases 1 min 30 sec of BT-50 PRO Freestyle Cab ad. I thought Mazda will film only one long commercial with just only one Double Cab model. Featuring the 2.2 Hi-Racer (4x2) 150HP. Its features may be not as perfect as Double Cab 4x4 3.2, but still fitted with interesting features to check out. All Freestyle Cab models only come as 6MT, while also featured "shift-change" signal for safer reason of gear-change. Current Freestyle Cab RAS opened wide to 90-degree. Again unlike its counterpart (Ford Ranger), 3.2 Freestyle Cab 4x4 is also available. And about this ad, James Bond fans already know for what letter M means. And our hero, Colonel Wanchana must get himself complete one task in time by her guidance, to save the entire world.

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