Video - Mazda BT-50 - DE-S Man (Part 2)

Videa Mazda BT Mazda BT-50 - DE-S Man (Part 2)

Mazda BT-50 - DE-S Man (Part 2)

I thought Mazda Thailand would only just make one ad of the J97M BT-50 with DE-S man. Here's the second one at last with totally new test task. This one is about obstacle avoidance. This is such a basic risk test task one. If cannot pass well in the real world, it's surely a cause to accidents and casualties of course. Once again, BT-50's DE-S suspension proves that not only good to pass the curves, it's also good whenever vehicle needed to perform some avoidance as needed. Let's say as someone is crossing the road (even just like sudden happen), and if the vehicle must get through that, good way to make through it is to perform the avoidance by spin the steering wheel to avoid, and take it back on its usual course. But then, to the same Z curve like sudden, and vehicle must remain its stabiliy even have to take foot to the brake pad for some. And at nearly end of this curve, 2 men poured the water on the circuit road. Just see how this vehicle with this enhanced suspension can pass... So from this situation, good suspension for a vehicle is really impotant part among others. So do not overlook. Paul Hensler of Porsche once said "The best engine in the world would be useless if the chassis was no good". We also acknowledged that the all-new T6 BT-50 may not ready for public this year, at lease may perform a premiere show in Thailand at ME2011. While Ford's Ranger will be the first one to introduce and sell before this year end. Because Ranger with RAS cabstyle version ...

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