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Mazda BT-50 - DE-S Man

About Mazda but not about Rotary Engine. Mazda Thailand still have to sell the codenamed "J97M" BT-50 for one more year. (Re-uploaded with better quality and my "sig" for the first time). This time of point of advertisement is still emphasizing the impressions of its DE-S suspension, BT-50's so called a suspension set with unique and intelligence which is the only certified for sporting pickup like this. Not only good ride but also safe ride. With the new mascot called "DE-S Man". And the comparison in this ad begins between DE-S suspension and one conventional suspension of a pickup (with some loads contained on them each). Judge by put themselves pass the Z curve of Thailand Circuit in Nakornchaisri, Nakorn Pathom province, Thailand. See the outcome for yourself. And as for somewhat lies behind this campaign: Mazda also expected to call the interests from consumers to come see in showrooms and take a test drive. But what expected for real is to push the sales up to 6000 units of BT-50 before this tiger year ends. And in Motor Expo 2010, there would be some "about irresistable" offers. About the DE-S Suspension (Dynamic Enhanced Suspension System): Front: Independent Double Wishbone/ Double Acting Tubular Shocks Rear: Leaf Sprigs via Torsion Bar / Double Acting Tubular Shocks (diagonal fitted) Designed and tested by Mazda's own sports car engineer team. Additionally, right in this tiger year Mazda also quietly added the new 6-speed automatic transmission for Hi-Racer+ ...

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