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mazda bpt dyno 2

spec B8 180 stock block, stock head stock gtx turbo ihi rhb52 vj20 boosting 17~18 psi approximate 1.2 bar rx7 560 cc purple top injectors tial mv-s external wastegate turbosmart boost tee NISMO adjustable fuel pressure regulator. regulate at 6 bar on atmospheric pressure Bosch 190lph external fuel pump. surge tank feeding with full steel braided piping VR4 intercooler front mount. JFA stainless steel intercooler piping. designed by Dino microtech lt-8s. configured to run mitsubishi twin coil ignition system exedy 3 puck racing clutch 2.5 inch exhaust piping from stock downpipe on stock route to rear muffler shell v-power racing fuel stock ngk r spark plugs chemlube 10w-40 fully synthetic motor oil target to achieve approx. 12.0 AFR at full load with 17~18 psi of boost and search the best timing possible results best result achieved on final pull of 246.7 hp at 5700 rpm, approx 31 kgm peak torque at 5700 rpm. previous run achieved 202 hp at 0.9 bar thanks to syahz of 3rd gearperformance and friends millennium for the dyno dynamics dynamometer

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