Video - Mazda 626 Valve Cover Cleaning Part 1

Videa Mazda 626 Mazda 626 Valve Cover Cleaning Part 1

Mazda 626 Valve Cover Cleaning Part 1

Part 2 -- Part 3 -- 1995 Mazda 626 I4 2.0L Cleaning up a valve cover after sandblasting and powder coating. This could be a quick project with a relatively new engine. For those who have old engines that haven't done regular scheduled maintenance on them you should expect a lot of deposit. It could be an hour project or a 24 hour project depending on how thick the build-up is. When it gets caked in there (varnish) that's what requires the most amount of work. I would say this valve cover represents an average amount of deposits and varnish for a 15 year old car. Products Used: AJAX dish soap Castrol Super Clean (Cleaner Degreaser) Scrub Buddies (generic scotch-brite pads) Brillo Pads (steel wool pads) Tooth Brush

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