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Mazda 626 - Still Alive

Tribute to my 626 the "Recognizer". Thanks to Leev, PrinceValorum, Xenomorph, and Snailman on for helping me to diagnose this issue with which resulted in me not having to go rebuild my 1995 Mazda 626 LA4A-EL / Ford CD4E transmission. Went on a 70 mile trip on July 1st. Almost made it home when it surged in 2nd and barely slipped into 3rd. Later it started slipping so bad it was almost undriveable. Emergency blinkers were on while it limped to an auto shop in 1st gear less than a mile away. The transmission cooler line which attaches to the radiator fan had a leak. A transmission fluid leak (low or no fluid) WILL DEFINITELY exhibit the same symptoms as a failed transmission. Check your transmission fluid level while warm/hot before you put a toe tag on the transmission! Thanks to the whole Mazda626 community for well... just being awesome people in general. Not just the admins and moderators but all the members are really great people. They are the ones that make me proud to own a 626.

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