Video - Mazda 626 left brain right brain (commercial, 1997)

Videa Mazda 626 Mazda 626 left brain right brain (commercial, 1997)

Mazda 626 left brain right brain (commercial, 1997)

1997 commercial for the all-new Mazda 626 tries to explain how a car that a car that appeals to your left brain (facts & figures) can also appeal to your right brain (style, etc.). Oddly, the commercial is actually rather short on facts and figures, mostly showing a woman and a little bit of the car. Thispromo aired during an October 26th, 1997 showing of X-files. This was season premiere week for Fox, although X-Files did not premiere until the week after. This spot aired on FOX during a showing of the Simpsons on October 27th, 1997, the night of the premiere of Treehouse of Horror VIII (but during the showing of a different, older episode).

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