Video - Mazda 626 - IAC Cleaning Part 1 of 3

Videa Mazda MX Mazda 626 - IAC Cleaning Part 1 of 3

Mazda 626 - IAC Cleaning Part 1 of 3

Visit for more information, images of plunger assembly, and discussions about this video. FIRST THING TO DO: REMOVE THE THROTTLE BODY. The IAC will come out with it. It's much easier to work on outside of the car instead of sweating your ass off in the middle of summer! I actually spent about 6-8 hours trying to remove 1 stripped screw. This car is 16 years old now so cutting off bolts and screws comes with the territory. Wish I knew the other half of the screws were not threaded before I started to dissemble it. It is not possible clean the IAC in place you must remove it. I also recommend removing the throttle body FIRST! Like always, I learned that the hard way. :( Mazda 626 IAC / Mazda MX-6 IAC / Ford Probe IAC

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