Video - Mazda 626 - Heavy Vibration / Shaking

Videa Mazda 626 Mazda 626 - Heavy Vibration / Shaking

Mazda 626 - Heavy Vibration / Shaking

1995 626 2.0L - Had all of my motor mounts replaced, cleaned MAF and throttle body. Finally figured out it was due to a bad exhaust valve on cylinder #3. Had a shop do a compression test and sure enough got 40% compression loss. Leak down test pinpointed the culprit to cylinder 3 exhaust valve. The reason the car was shaking so badly was due a cylinder not performing well and causing an imbalance. If your car looks and sounds like what mine does in this video get a compression and leak down test done! It only cost me $86 for both tests and now after 7 years I finally know what is causing the vibration. Yes, I drove the car like this for 7 years (very light use though). It started out like a kitten purring and I kind of liked it. Then over the years it goes worse as the cylinder lost more and more compression (which now I know why). Horrible gas mileage, vibration, shaking, and feels like the car has 1/2 the power it used to. For the longest time I thought I had a gasoline leak because I'd chew right through a whole tank of gas in a matter of days. Getting about 15-17mpg with very light use. Can't even explain how much better I feel at least knowing what's wrong with the car. You can't fix it unless you know what's wrong! Now I know and working towards fixing her. Glad I got video of the whole ordeal so that it might save you the time and frustration it cost me over the course of many years.

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