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Mazda 626 GE FS sound

My 626 GE after another engine mods ... for now, it has got: SWAP for FS engine (e-spec 115BHP) JDM FS-ZE pistons (10.4:1 compression) JDM FS-ZE intake camshaft Corksport exhaust camshaft Modified cylinder head (porting) CAI system with Simota filter 2.25" exhaust - two mufflers and high-flow cat Custom 4-1 header NGK spark plug wires NOLOGY Silver spark plugs Outlaw Engineering spacer kit ECU Master DET II piggy-back ELF Evolution 5W30 oil No dyno data for now because the engine hasn't beed tuned on the piggy-back ECU yet, so you'll have to wait for the results. Sounds like a real ricer in the clip, but it isn't so bad in person. I would even say, that it's a quite nice and not too loud sound. Greetings Lukas

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