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Videa Mazda 6 Mazda 6 Carputer w/ StreetDeck

Mazda 6 Carputer w/ StreetDeck

I recently upgraded my car PC from a laptop to a mini ITX system. New parts include: - Intel D201GLY2 Motherboard - 1GB Kingston DDR2 RAM - 80GB Hitachi Hard Drive - M2-ATX PSU - MCS Mini ITX Case TOTAL COST OF UPGRADE: $375 I also upgraded the front end software to StreetDeck. I was previously using Road Runner, which is freeware. The price of StreetDeck is reasonable when you take into consideration that it comes with MapPoint, which is a $300 piece of software on its own. Lastly, I added XM Satellite Radio to the system. sells a great little USB unit that sends all the song and broadcast info to the PC. Now I can listen to XM radio using the integrated module within StreetDeck.

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