Video - Mazda 323 GTR engine and megasquirt overview

Videa Mazda 323 Mazda 323 GTR engine and megasquirt overview

Mazda 323 GTR engine and megasquirt overview

This is a little video that I took, last year, after the installation of new engine: knife edged crankshaft new rod and 0.100" oversized 9:1 supertech pistons, (reduced 20lbs of rotating mass, crank, rods, pistons, aluminium flywheel and new balancing job) running on too small 660cc injectors (swapped now for 800cc) and Garrett GT3076R running 28psi. The head received port and polish job, I've also done a port into the combustion chamber to get an "hemi" style. New 1mm oversized Supertech valves along with dual springs and titanium retainer were also installed to get along with the custom 274 degree cams. Adjustable cam gears were installed to get proper cam timing with the degree wheel. I also switched the HLA for solids one. Custom radiator was needed to gain space for the "ram horn" style turbo manifold that I've built by myself. It has 3" custom stainless exhaust system. The ignition is powered by MSD HVC series, both ignition and coil, the same they use in NASCAR. The boost controller is HKS EVC VI and its great! I've done all mods by myself with the exception of the crankshaft. Enjoy!

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