Video - Mazda 3 Sedan 20B first race 2012

Videa Mazda 3 Mazda 3 Sedan 20B first race 2012

Mazda 3 Sedan 20B first race 2012

Footage from the first race weekend of 2012. including practice, qualifying and the races race series: Supercar Challenge date: 2012-04-20 to 2012-04-22 track: Circuit Zolder, Belgium results: they finished 3rd in class in the first race and 2nd in class in the second race. Mazda 3 sedan 20b racecar. 3 rotor engine with approx. 450hp Team: Van Herck Racing Driver: Werner Van Herck (B) More video's of this car on my channel. Check out this site for more info about the car My pictures My Facebook http

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